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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Three Exercises to Strengthen Bones

Weight baring exercises and a balanced diet are recommended for preventing osteoporosis (a disease that causes bone to become thin, fragile, and fracture easily).

A report from the American Council On Exercise states that performing the seated row, side lunge, and the squat exercises in addition to your exercise regimen are best for building stronger bones.

Keeping bones strong should begin at an early age. Osteoporosis begins early in life. Moreover, both men and women can develop osteoporosis. Check with your doctor to make certain that you are getting enough nutrients such calcium and vitamin D.

Finally, if you have not performed the seated row, side lunge, or the squat, check with a professional fitness trainer or website to learn how.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Number of Hours That You Sleep Could Protect Your Heart

According to the researchers at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, the number of hours that you sleep could prevent heart disease.

The study states that adults who regularly slept seven hours a night had the lowest rate of coronary heart disease.

In the study, initially, 30,000 adults were examined and were free from cardiovascular disease. Moreover, the study revealed that people who slept five hours or less, more than doubled their risk for coronary heart disease.

Additionally, people who slept nine hours or more increased their risk one and one half times for heart disease.

Concluding, the study found that both short and long term sleep durations were related to angina and stroke. The research findings did not depend on age, race, ethnicity, smoking, drinking, sex, body mass, diabetes, hypertension or depression.

This is keen health news. For a healthy heart, regularly sleep seven hours a night.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

What Is The New Benefit From Eating More Blueberries?

Blueberries may lower cholesterol. reported new research from the U. S. Department of Agriculture which shows that blueberries may lower cholesterol as effectively as a commercial drug and have potentially fewer adverse side effects.

A compound called pterostilbene found in blueberries, contain similar cancer chemopreventative properties to those found in resveratrol, a compound that is found in grapes.

It is the compound pterostilbene that has the potential to be developed into a nutraceutical for lowering cholesterol.

The laboratory study used rat liver cells. The experiment exposed four compounds from the blueberries to the cells. Pterostilbene showed a high potency for activating the cells receptor which plays a part in reducing cholesterol and other lipids.
Until the study is done on humans, the research does not state how many blueberries humans would have to eat to lower their cholesterol. Nonetheless, other benefits from the rich antioxidant fruit are:
  • Anti-Aging
  • Protection Against Cancer
  • Protection Against Heart Disease
  • Prevent Obesity
  • Memory Booster
And, now perhaps lower cholesterol. That's keen knowledge!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Can Reading Food Labels Improve Your Health?

Do you exercise and eat healthy meals? However, your blood Lab report states your blood pressure, and cholesterol are borderline high. Then it is imperative to begin reading the labels on food and medicine.

Hidden high sodium (sodium chloride) is in all processed, canned, and boxed foods. Moreover, restaurant foods contain high sodium 
After reading a news report about Rye bread having more vitamins than wheat bread, I checked out the label, and to my surprise, one slice of Rye bread contained 320 mg of sodium.

Check out some of the frozen food meals such as pot pies; they contain 1,000 mg of sodium. Even the low-fat frozen meals contain up to 600 mg of sodium. Beware of the vegetarian foods as well. Hidden sodium and gluten are in processed vegetarian meals.
It is best to cook meals at home, and eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.

According to the FDA ( U. S. Food and Drug Administration), The "Dietary Guidelines" state that the general population daily intake be no more than 2,300 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to one heaping teaspoon.

The "Dietary Guidelines" for African Americans, people who are middle aged, people who suffer from kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, the intake of sodium is 1,500 mg.

Equally important, is the intake of cholesterol. The body produces cholesterol naturally, however, read the labels. Some products like cookies, ice cream, whole milk, protein bars, red meat, even can tuna contain cholesterol. Try soy protein shakes instead of whey protein shakes to cut back on my cholesterol intake.

Before making any changes to your diet, consult with your physician.

Post by Karen Ray

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Health Care Bill - U.S.A.

The Health Care Bill - What do you think about it? It is definitely a hot topic, and a very serious topic. There is much opposition, and there is great support for the reform of health care. I commend President Obama for keeping his campaign promise.

Nonetheless, I can entertain both sides of the health care argument. The health care reform will come with great cost to the taxpayers, but what happens when a taxpayer who has worked for 15+ years, and then is laid off. I think that if a taxpayer has paid into the system, then there should be health care available to that taxpayer, if for some reason their health insurance is lost due to unemployment.

Moreover, because of the high cost of health insurance, most employers are hiring part-time employees, and/or contract workers to save on health care cost. Furthermore, there are full time employees who must pay deductibles, and pay co-pays, which depletes their savings. For an example, one patient has to pay $2000 for an x-ray because of an unforeseen accident. I am in favor of the health care reform, and at least basic health care for all Americans.

Why? because we are human beings. I think that all human beings should have access to health care. Yes, there is the Medicaid program, but everyone is not eligible. In addition, there are some low cost clinics that can assist people without insurance.

When I think about health care I think about prevention. If all Americans were covered, and educated about prevention of certain diseases, stress, and diet, then the Health Care Reform could pay for itself. I hope that the Health Care Bill passes. If not, it is back to the "same old , same old."
What do you think?

Image "X-Ray Guy"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Make Exercise Fun? Try Bollywood Dance

If you enjoy exercising, and your exercise is fun, then you will exercise more. If you are wondering how to make your daily exercises fun, try "Bollywood Dance."

What is Bollywood Dance? Bollywood Dance is the commercial form of Bhangra the unique folk dance from India. In other words, Bollywood Dance is used in the film industry in India, and Hollywood, USA.

A keen observation from the "Dancing with the Stars" show, shown on network ABC, is how the stars shape up and lose weight from dancing. Keep in mind that the stars practice 4 to 6 hours a day. Nonetheless, the average person can lose weight from dancing as well.

I have danced the Bollywood Dance. It is a fun dance, and the steps are easy to learn. I did tone. Below you can view an example of the Bollywood Dance steps. There are many more styles and steps. My example is from YouTube  

Finally, Comcast Cable has a "Get up and Dance" On Demand showcasing how to dance different styles of dance from ballroom to bollywood.

Please note: Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise. Always stretch to warm up before dancing or exercising.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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